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Surplus Equipment

New And Used Surplus Equipment

We provide and purchase any new or used surplus vacuum equipment.

We offer exchanges, cash or credit for your surplus items.

We have an excellent exchange/credit program for any of your used cryopumps, helium lines and adsorbers.


Our equipment surplus changes often, so contact us with your specific requirements.

Typical Cryopump support items include surplus CTI, Brooks Automation, and other manufacturers:
Sales and repair service is available for all electronic devices.

Cryopump Purge Gas Heaters
Cryopump Purge Gas Valves
Cryopump Roughing Valves
Compressor to Cryopump Splitter Boxes
Cryopump Network Terminals
Helium Pressure Gauges
Cryopump Relief Valve Filters
Cryopump Modules
Cryopump Frequency Monitors
Cryopump Temperature Monitors/Controllers