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Cryopump Temperature Monitors and Cryopump Cable Assy.'s.

Monitors, Diodes & Cables

     P/N: 100159                                                       P/N: 100160                                                           P/N: 100162 
     On-Board* Compressor (10 Pin Male)                Standard  Compressor (6 Pin Male)                         On-Board* Compressor (10 Pin Male) 
     Cryo-torr* Pump (3 Pin Female)                          Standard Cryo-torr* Pump (3 Pin Female)               On-Board* Pump (10 Pin Female)

Cryopump Drive Cables
From Compressor To Cryopump

   Order P/N Description        Price
     100159-10 Drive Cable, On-Board Compressor to Cryotorr Cryopump, 10 ft.      $285.00
     100160-10 Drive Cable, Standard Cryotorr Pump and Compressor, 10 ft.      $285.00
     100162-10 Drive Cable, On-Board Compressor and On-Board Crypumps, 10 ft.      $210.00
Diode Cable, Temperature Monitors to Cryopump, 10 ft.      $150.00
   Special Cables built to order. Submit drawings, sketches, samples, pics

Cryopump Cables are available in custom lengths! Add $2.00/ft.



Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor
Includes Diode Device, Wire Leads, Copper Mounting Block, Hardware & Indium
Calibrated for CTI style cryopumps

P/N: 100195


Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor Kit
Includes Diode Device, Wire Leads, Copper Mounting Block, Indium,  Hardware, ANSI Flange & Connector
Calibrated for CTI style cryopumps

P/N: 100196



Austin Cryogenics Cryopump Temperature Monitors

Available with or without setpoints

Complete With Cables

With Warranty


The ACC TEMPERATURE INDICATOR is used to monitor cryopump operating temperatures
range 10K to 320K Kelvin. There are two setpoints that are adjustable over this
range. When the vacuum pump temperature reaches either the LOW or HIGH setpoint,
electrical dry contacts on the rear panel can be used to activate indicators or
to operate solenoid valves for controlling temperature related functions.

Model M1 (Standard Reader)
Model M2 (With Setpoints)


Refurbished Units
Cryopump ready-with warranty

Lakeshore Cryopump Monitors, Model 818

Calibrated for CTI Cryopumps

Manual, Power Cable, 20 ft Diode Cable

P/N: 100304  

CTI Temperature Indicators

Complete with 20 ft. cables. Tested and ready to use.
P/N: 100200

M310 Temperature Indicators
P/N; 100504

Repair Service Available For All Cryopump Monitors

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